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Last to weeks, after re-working on my trading system and plan… I take those positions. Since it go very well, and I`m still on, I decide to not take anyone this week, and more use my time, to follow carefully those ones.

So far…it look just amazing!


mme 14 09 09 13 47 15 USDZAR 300x127 Forex Trading Systemlearn how to trade



Breaking the triangle pattern. It give me a nice continuation. Testing some tops right now. Should not be a big deal, since we get there with strong momentum.

Looking to hedge soon, to protect my profits, and then take another long position on USDZAR, if everything go well.



mme 14 09 09 13 49 03 GBPCAD 300x127 Forex Trading Systemlearn how to trade



One I pairs I really like to trade now. Amazing potential to keep moving down for long time. Already amazing profits on.

We have some resistance also now, but is normal, since it go down so quickly.



mme 14 09 09 13 50 13 USDRUB 300x127 Forex Trading Systemlearn how to trade



I love this pairs….low position on this one, but the potential for a continuation are very good.

After break all time highs, Will see if it will keep go up…or should I take out my position.



mme 14 09 09 13 48 19 USDCAD 300x127 Forex Trading Systemlearn how to trade



This one was interesting to trade. After taking the short position, last week and making few profits on. I saw the Inverted Hand and Shoulds pattern, and decide to take the long one. It did pay off!

Now on USDCAD we also testing a strong resistance, if we break, is a home run for Very long time!


mme 14 09 09 13 49 39 USDNOK 300x127 Forex Trading Systemlearn how to trade



One trade that go extremely well…and I was not expecting that much from it.

How every! we break a strong double tops.  What it means, it become a long term trades with lot`s of profits to take from!




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Toronto day trading course September 27-29

Toronto, Ontario, September 27-29, 2014 short term income and Long term appreciation day trading course with live day trading.

Money Maker Edge is holding a three day live seminar with live trading in Toronto, Canada  September 27-29 2014. We will have two days of intense training and one day of live trading with Joel Wissing.  The emphasis of the day trading course is to get foundation skills for Mastery, there is 13 weeks of follow up and a live trading room included so you don’t have to trade alone.

What is included in the course?

·  A business strategy in an easy to use template that we will help you with every quarter to stay on track.

·  You will have our trading code, a group of trade rules

·  Recording and quantifying results and keeping a trade journal

·  Precise Entry points

·  Price and Direction

·  Trade Strategy

·  Learn how to set daily targets.

·  Learn when to trade and when not to trade

·  Trading plan to move to profitability.

·  How to let the trades come to you.

·  Trading with targets and how to manage risk.

·  How to get your income, wealth and freedom trading.

·  How to spot the highest probability trade

·  Mastering your strategy

·  How to be responsible for your trading and level of choice in the market.

·  How would you like to know specific times to trade and not to trade.

·  We will train you to understand responsible trading practices.

·  The real working s of the market place and how to use these to your advantage versus being taken advantage of.

·  The difference between direction and hope in trading the S&P 500 and Multiple markets.

·  How to enter a trade and minimize risk so you don’t throw your money away.

We have found that relying on your memory to plan trading can lead you into a pattern of loss. Our system includes a trade journal which will keep you on track with the results of your trading to leverage your actual trading ability. You will also get the trade manual with the Money Maker Edge methodology and membership to our trade room where you trade live with other profitable traders that practice our methodology.

The Money Maker Edge S&P 500 live room’s day traders normally trade for less than an hour.  This trading room is open to all that have had the S&P 500 day trading course and most traders reach their daily goal in less than 45 minutes to an hour.  This trading room helps re enforce the trading methods we use and makes it easier for the beginning trader to see the trades and make better choices. This is open to all traders that have completed our course.

If you have any questions or for more information about the Toronto Ontario S&P 500 & Stock day trading course call Joel at 866-640-3737

You can see more on S&P 500 day trading course for S&P 500 emini futures at our website.  Online and live training room giving day traders a system and trading support. Trading with a group of profitable traders changes everything. Emini futures course and stock trading course focuses on trade mastery and practice where you take the course and you are able to trade.

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Day trading course S&P 500 Managed Trading Accounts –

Since opening this trade in the beginning of July we have seen the USD take off and gain ground against most pairs.  The dollar index (another one of our trades) has also seen some fantastic gains since July and we are starting to look at some of these targets beginning to close.

USDDKK Update2 300x227 MME Managed Accounts   USD/DKK begins to close in on long term target

With the position being opened in the 5.4000 area, we now see that price has continued to move towards our long term target in the 5.7000 area.  As we move closer to this area we will be tightening up stops to avoid any loss on earned gains.  This trade will account for a very nice gain on our entire account in the last 8 weeks and as we close in on the target we will be looking at a few key factors in either taking the position out completely or extending the target to look for more profit.   This position started out with less than a 0.5% risk on accounts and at this point will pay many times that risk, even if taken out on a stop rather than the target.  However at this point in this trade the target seems a more likely exit than our trailing stop.


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USDCAD Weekly Week 35 2007 Week 34 2014 300x157 USDCAD Updatenews release USDCAD Update

Yesterday I was looking at USDCAD, and was mention that there’s a good short possibility. And to day, as I was tracking my chooses pairs, I decide to look on monthly chart, look each of pairs with another views.

And this what I saw…even if I still waiting, my short one, I’m also looking to take long trade. Basically I’m using an OCO order.

And on this chart, you can see the dominated trend. And the posibility for Long trade are also much more greater.

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Forex Trading What to Trade?

USDRUB Daily 26 11 2013 22 08 2014 300x157 Forex Trading What to Trade?news release USDRUB Daily Chart. This trade is an easy one, For direction short.

1st-  Testing double tops of all time highs again.

2nd- The second move are less impressive than 1st one. And it’s even more easy to see in volume.

3rd- USDRUB can’t pass the 35-36 area resistance. And we breaking the support line right now. If price go bellow 35.77 is a short one for me.

Enjoy your trading! This week we have few that are very easy to trade!

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Day trading course S&P 500 Managed Trading Accounts –

The ES e-mini and the S&P500 are at it again.  Closing this weeks trading into new highs the market has never seen before.  With price mere points away from closing the 2000 area and a 12 day run so far,  the S&P has truly been a buyers best friend.

With the weekly chart we can see how the S&P hit the supporting trend line and immediately turned around to run for the top.  With prices moving steadily up, and yet another push after this weeks FOMC release this market has not looked back since testing the 1900 support a couple weeks ago.

SP500Weekly 300x254 Day Trading Course   ES and S&P 500 is at it again

Should the S&P continue to trade to the resistive trend line on the weekly chart, price could see a break through the 2000 area in the next week or two of trading.   If price breaks through the 2000 area, I am expecting some profit taking to take place, however the high side target on the weekly shows 2015 as a good target for this move.   If price fails to move there are reverses I would expect to see the 1985 and 1970 area’s as target support.


Even though the S&P saw such incredible gains in trading these last few weeks, the dollar index has continued its upward trend as well and seems to have become completely uncoupled lately.  The USD has seen large gains across many other currencies the last few weeks signaling investors move to safety with current world conditions.  This would usually signal a move out of the stock market by investors, however this has not been the case as of late.


I currently have no position on in the S&P500 as I do not buy at the top.  I am currently long on the dollar index and and some usd currency pairs and have been for many weeks.    These trades are monitored closely and are largely in profit.

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Day trading course S&P 500 Managed Trading Accounts –

Managed account live trade USDCAD entry – stop management

USDCAD trade preventative stop 300x197 Managed account live trade USDCADManaged Account USDCAD position taken today. Wanted to show the entry and the stop management in the managed account.  In this picture of my desktop you can see two charts the 4 hour USDCAD chart and the 5 min USDCAD chart.

The 4 hour chart looked like it was in the upswing on a “V” reversal pattern, and I was looking for a trade signal to get in this trade.  On longer term charts this could extend through this resistance at 1.09850 and move to an extension around 1.11 . Although I am not looking for this to happen in the course of the trading day, I am looking for this to swing through the swing high where we had a previous double top.

I got the entry I was looking for with Price failure and a continuation of the reversal  and was looking for momentum from buyers to move in after their pullback.  On the 5 min USDCAD chart on the right, you can see the entry slightly under the 200MA in red. The we get the first extension and a move in to a consolidation period to build more energy to complete this reversal.

I will post a follow up on the trade.


Managed account live trade USDCAD follow up.

USDCAD 40pips continuation to new high 300x268 Managed account live trade USDCADBreaking the top, as we approach the full reversal on the USDCAD completing the “V reversal” pattern. We will probably see a bit of consolidation at this level as the Psychological $1.10 is just around the corner. Price action does have momentum and buyers are in for the US dollar as you can see from Drayton’s post earlier and the long term trade on the Dollar index here.

As you might have noticed one of our practices is the Preventative stop, where we lock in profits and take risk out of the trade.  In the Managed accounts we employ this strategy to preserve our capital and although we will get kicked out of trades with a little profit, the ones that do play through have decreased our overall Beta to a minimum and increase our Net alpha/beta ratio dramatically.  Meaning, our home runs have large returns compared to our risk.

Will follow up with more on this trade later.

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Day trading course S&P 500 Managed Trading Accounts –

A few weeks ago I put up a post with some of our live positions.  Since then a few have been taken out on either positive stops or from targets.  Some however, such as the EUR/USD trade that I wrote about remain in and are continuing to keep the direction.

EURUSDweeklyUpdate 300x223 Managed Trading Accounts   EUR/USD Trade Continues

Since taking on our EUR/USD short position @ 1.3600 7 weeks ago we have seen the Eur push to test into continuing lows.  We saw it stall out in the 1.3350 area for a couple weeks, but now seems to be continuing the direction to the down side.  Currently price is pushing the 1.3300 area and with the break of support looks like it could continue the move down to the 1.3200 area and even possibly the 1.3000 area of support with some momentum in the next 4-8 weeks.


More strength in the USD has helped this pair continue the move, and with current eurozone news and economic conditions things seems to be pushing the pair back to test previous lows from the last couple years.  Currently this position sits at almost 300 pips of profit, with another possible 100-300 left in potential should it move to test our current target.  Should we close the current target area we will see a gain of about 5% on the entire account with this trade.

Currently we have positions on with the USD/CHF, USD/DKK, DOLLAR INDEX, AUD/NZD, and USD/JPY.  Also watching Gold / Silver and Indexes for entries on both short and long term time frames.

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Day trading course S&P 500 Managed Trading Accounts –

The US dollar trade is the flight to safety in the markets.

dollar index showing w pattern 300x248 Dollar Trade   flight to safetyThe US dollar is the flight to safety bellweather. This is a chart of what a “W Pattern” on the dollar index looks like.

The US Dollar Trade – W Pattern is a full reversal off of a major support.

The W pattern is a reversal pattern where the  price puts in a double bottom on decreasing volume approach on the second leg down.  This gave us a MME entry on the continuation with buyers in control.

There is a Fibinacci retracement scale set to check support and resistance.  We do not think that this will be a straight up move and are looking for more opportunities to get in on this pattern on the buyers side.

We are also in a preventative position on this long term trade.

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